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คัดลอกมาจาก เว็บ mitsubishi-motor ครับใครก็ได้แปลให้หน่อย
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Mitsubishi Motors Imports & Launches "New STRADA" Sporty 4WD Pick-up
June 2,1997

Mitsubishi Motors announces that it is to import the New STRADA *1 4WD pickup truck model from Thailand where it is manctured by the company's local joint-venture affiliate MMC SITTIPOL CO., LTD. (MSC). The New STRADA goes on sale at Car Plaza dealerships throughout Japan on Monday, June 2.

The New STRADA pickup accommodates both work and pleasure requirements and offers class-topping interior space and comfort for five adults. Major features of the new model include:

    Brand new interior and exterior designs distinguish the New STRADA's character as an advanced design pickup that is also ideally suited to a personal transporter role;

    Improved dynamic performance, the cornerstone to 4WD pickup performance, stems from the 2.5-liter intercooler/turbocharged diesel power unit mated to Mitsubishi's Easy Select four-wheel drivetrain;

    Cargo box with class-topping levels of utility and payload capacity;

    Improved safety and comfort specifications.

The New STRADA represents the first full model change in six years. Following the Eclipse (USA), Diamante Wagon (Australia) and Carisma (Holland), it is the fourth Mitsubishi model to be produced overseas and imported into Japan.

MSC launched the New L200 pickup truck (marketed as the STRADA in Japan) on the Thai market in November 1995. MSC began exporting the L200 in July 1996, since when some 17,000 units of the model have been shipped to 25 countries including those of Europe, and Australia. Exports to markets in Asia, Central and South America, the Near and Middle East and Africa are due to start this year and total exports from Thailand are expected to reach 60,000 units a year in the near future.
*1 "Road" in Italian

New STRADA R (Styled rear tubes: Option)

1. Major Product Features

    New-look exterior design marries the brawny image associated with a pickup truck and the sophisticated elegance of a passenger sedan;

    Interior provides passenger car levels of comfort and ease of operation;

    Generous cargo box boasts class-topping volume;

    2.5-liter intercooler/turbocharged diesel delivers long-legged, relaxed motoring;

    Improved active and passive safety specifications;

    Comfort / convenience specification pays careful attention to detail;

    Outstanding value-for-money.

2. Product Outline

(1) New-look exterior

    The impressive front bumper and wide over-fenders are tastefully married with the flush surface body sides, slanted nose, raked windshield and other aerodynamic styling elements to generate a classy image that effectively projects the muscularity of an off-road vehicle and the refinement of a passenger sedan.

(2) Sedan-like interior

    Molded door trim and generous padding help create an integral, soft-shape interior akin to that of a passenger sedan.

    Instrument panel design places priority on function, positioning the three large dials and other gauges for maximum visibility and legibility.

    The steering wheel is located at a sedan-like angle for easier operation and providing a comfortable driving position.

    Large, sport-type front seats offer excellent support, and have generous slide travel.

(3) Class-topping cargo box

    The New STRADA tops the competition with its cargo box, which measures in at 1500mm long, 1470mm wide and holds a payload of 500kg. More than enough room to transport bulky leisure goods for its five occupants.

    The cargo box uses a double-wall construction, for outstanding strength, corrosion-resistance and attractive appearance. Utility and convenience are enhanced with quick-release tailgate fastenings and sturdy inner hooks for securing cargo.

(4) Powerful, relaxed motoring with 2.5-liter I/C diesel

    The 2.5-liter intercooler/turbocharged diesel generates gutsy torque and high power outputs to realize relaxed performance both on and off tarmac, while returning miserly fuel consumption. The power unit generates maxima of 105PS and 24.5 kg-m(JIS).

    Enhanced stiffness in the cylinder block and other parts of the engine reduces vibration and noise and helps realize an interior that is as quiet as a passenger sedan.

    The suspension uses a double-wishbone independent arrangement at the front and leaf-spring arrangement at the rear to realize high levels of straight-line stability and handling stability together with a comfortable ride.

    Power is transmitted to the wheels through Mitsubishi's Easy Select 4WD system that enables the driver to select the optimum drive mode to match road surface and other driving conditions.

    The automatic model uses the compact hydraulically actuated transmission that has been well proven on the PAJERO and is now optimally tuned for the STRADA.

    The use of stiffer front calipers and ventilated discs with twin-pot calipers improves brake performance and feeling.

    The standard 7JJx15 alloy road wheels are shod with fat 31x10.5R tires and realize excellent handling stability and a comfortable ride.

    Exhaust smoke is reduced, making the New STRADA a much cleaner vehicle.

(5) Active / passive safety specifications

Active Safety

    The New STRADA realizes high levels of driving stability with its confidence-inspiring 4WD system, stiffer body, and wide track stance.

    Mitsubishi's anti-lock braking system that prevents wheel lock to retain a stable body attitude and directional control, and a hybrid limited slip differential that improves stability on slippery surfaces are standard equipment.

    The exterior mirrors use a compound-curvature lens that gives the driver an extended downward field of view. And a side under-mirror enables the driver to check for obstacles under the left front fender.

Passive Safety

    The New STRADA is fitted as standard with an airbag for the driver. In addition, the power windows are fitted with an anti-trapping device that automatically stops and lowers the window when an obstruction is detected.

(6) Comfort specification

    The fully automatic climate control system uses an LED control panel with pictograph indication of operating status for  ter legibility and push-button controls for more positive operation.

    The standard equipment 6-speaker in-car entertainment system places 16cm speakers in both front and rear doors and 3.5cm tweeters in the front doors to provide a powerful and dynamic sound environment.

    Other features contributing to driver and occupant comfort include central door locking, 3-dial instrument panel, and a high-mounted auxiliary brake light.

(8) Outstanding value-for-money
    The New STRADA represents tremendous value-for-money offering much improved levels of performance, safety and comfort at highly attractive and accessible prices.


Representative: Takashi Murasawa, president and CEO

Lines of business: Assembly, import and sales of motor vehicles  L200
   With the full model change introduced in November 1995, MMC transferred full-scale production of the L200 pickup truck (STRADA in Japan) to MSC in Thailand, one of the world's major markets for pickup trucks. As well as selling the L200 on the domestic Thai market, the company began to export the model to other world markets.
 ween June 1996 and May 1997, some 17,000 units have been shipped to 25 countries including those of Japan, Europe, and Australia. Exports to markets in Asia, Central and South America, the Near and Middle East and Africa are due to start this year and total exports from Thailand are expected to reach 60,000 units a year in the near future.

Established: January 1987

Capital: 400 million baht (approx. 1.8 billion Yen)

Shareholders: Mitsubishi Motors, 48%; Lee Group, 52%

No. of employees: Approx. 4,500

No. of dealerships   108

MSC Production Facility Profile รายละเอียดการผลิต ของโรงงาน MMC SITTIPOL

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