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100,000 words Mechanics Translations of English-Thai

You may join us anytime. The later you do, however, the less volume you will get.
You must work at home instead of in our premise.

We are now looking for English to Thai translators to work in a project about machinery. The volume is about 100K words. It will start soon so we will appreciate your early reply and participation.

The payment will be calculated in a period of 30 days and be made 35 days after receiving your invoice.

If you are not available for some time, you can still apply for the job. However, you will be given less volume to translate, since it is a long-term project. To know more about the subject, please refer to the sample text below.

We are Transcend Translation, which has been established since 2002. You may log in to to find out our credibility in paying translators. We just got the full credits from all our suppliers, which means that we never delay in payment.

Your daily output must be at least 1500 source characters to meet the deadline.
*Required software: SDL Trados 2011 or 2014.
We offer Trados training and software just in case.

If you’re interested in this job, please e-mail your CV along with the following information to
- Name:
- Best Rate in USD per source word:
- Daily Output:
- Native Language:
- When can you start this project (Please note that if you are not available right now, you can still apply for this job, but you will be given less volume to translate):
- Phone Number (including country code):
- Are you a full-time translator?
- How long is your translation experience since you became a full time?
- How many hours can you spare for translation per week averagely? (This is crucial   for us to assess if you have enough time to complete the job)
- Do you use Trados:
- Version of Trados:
- Your Email Address:

(If you do not use Trados, we shall provide software and training.)
Note that Trados requires users to have the Microsoft platform. Mac users will have to download programs, which enables Mac users to also have a Microsoft interface. i.e Bootcamp,  VMware Fusion and Parallels

For a speedy process, the mail subject should be “Machinery” followed by your name.

Sample Text:
Cutting operations such as those required for glass ampoules are not required for liquid culture media sealed within 2 ml plastic ampoules.
For adhesion of a variety of rigid plastic materials such as polycarbonate or ABS resin and for metal materials susceptible to shocks or vibrations
Has  ter water resistance than conventional instant adhesives (European EN204.D3 Grade compliant) and has excellent resistance to shocks.
Chances of the chuck shaft snapping have been greatly reduced via adoption of a tough hex shank.
Collet is directly connected to the rotor for smooth high-speed rotation with minimal center runout, thus reducing operator fatigue.
A molybdenum-blended additive for preventing wear, noise and increased oil temperature.
For insertion into the gaps of metals components such as screws or shafts and hardens as air is cut-off.
Absorbs heat generated from brazing or welding, preventing the heat from transferring through to the metal.
A bracket can also be added to the rear side for increased strength, allowing up to seven tiers to be stacked.
After fastening, push on the claw to allow the cable tie to be easily loosened and rebound even by people with large fingers, making it extremely economic.
A fabric adhesive tape that uses PET wooly flat threads in the woof.
For moisture-permeable waterproof sealed junctions.
Capable of sealing not only polyethylene, polypropylene, vinylon but also laminate film seals (up to 0.2 mm thick).
Use for temporarily adhering building materials such as veneer board, and for fixing tile carpets and entrance mats in place.
 A pliable thick type of double-sided tape for flat surfaces through to coarse surfaces.
Immediately after the heated press roller laminates the material, it passes through a cool roller for pressurized finishing which gives a stable laminate.
[Characteristics] A stainless steel blade with a serrated finishing that does not slip on vinyl, etc.
[Applications] Ideal for sorting, organizing, and storing construction photos, as well as submitting them to government and municipal offices or construction clients.
A professional grade nickel-metal hydride battery with suppressed natural discharge, high-capacity and long-lasting performance.
Creates a barrier at the flame contact area in order to protect the surface from flames and heat from the burner.
For brazing diverse metals such as iron, brass, stainless steel, silver and copper
[Characteristics] Features a thermally-compressed powerful adhesive that can be attached to uneven surfaces such as concrete, blocks, wooden parts, metal parts, mortar, etc.
The rear of the body and a power plug (100VAC 5 A or less) that can be used by other equipment -- convenient for use with a heater etc.
End Face Grooving
Tapered Radius


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